Uniform Fee:

Uniform Fee:

  • $40 for two pairs

You will only purchase the two shirts from BAIA. The black skirt or pants will be the parents’ responsibility. Proper pants (khakis and jeans are acceptable) and skirts are required. Faded, worn, outside pockets, and torn pants are NOT acceptable. Skirts have to be knee length and leggings are not allowed.

students must wear sensible shoes that cover and protect the whole foot. Sports shoes are acceptable.


Late Fee:

  • There will be 10% charged for any payment made after the due dates. Complete payment is due prior to or on the date listed above.

Pre-registration Fee

For returning students, $100 per student. To be paid prior to June 21st to guarantee your child place for the next year.
This will be deducted from the first trimester payment.

Registration Fee:
New Students one-time payment: $250

School Fees Payment Schedule:

  • Semester 1:
    Wednesday, August 11th

  • Semester 2:
    Wednesday, November 10th

  • Semester 3:
    Wednesday, March 2nd


  • 10% for a second child and
    20% for the third child.

  • There is a 10% discount if the year’s tuition is paid in full by August 12th


Senior / 12 TH Grade – Graduation Fee - $100
Sophomore / 10 TH Grade – PSAT Fee - $25


  • Fill in an application form 

                            (Download here)

  • Fill in a Student Health form   (Download here)

  • Required: Identity card/Birth certificate/passport copy

  • Previous Academic Transcripts (where applicable)

All fees can be paid in 100% USD or 75% US dollars and 25% BIF

USD checks are acceptable

We shall process your admission and update you with our
final decision
within 15 days of receiving payment and all documentation.